Featuring: Oak Canyon Planking

It's Finally Here!! - Oak Canyon thin Planking

The long-awaited thin tile version of our planking, made from the beautiful Oak Canyon countertop slabs - Quarried here in America!!

These unique Natural Stone tiles are finally available! Previously found only in 2cm, 3cm, and 6cm thicknesses, the new 1/2" planks can now be utilized in virtually any application tile is used - interior or exterior. The planking comes standard in 8" widths, and random lengths, varying between 18"-48". The surface is a "brushed" or "leathered" finish, with an amazing texture, like you would find with wood grain.

Interior/ Exterior

Areas you would never DARE to cover with wood...

The beauty of the Oak Canyon planking is more than just its appearance, thus opening up the market to a multitude of applications. Its strength allow it to be cut into custom sizes, opening up a whole realm of design possibilities.

It isn't ceramic, it isn't wood, the patterns and grains are found in nature - and won't fade. It responds beautifully to color enhancing sealers. The look of this stone has no comparison. All of the unique visual characteristics found in the Oak Canyon countertop slabs can be found in the planks.

The Craze Is Building!

Now with national attention...

The DIY Network has taken an interest in the beauty and versatility of this stone, from its countertop applications, to the planking. While at the Hardscapes North America trade show in Kentucky, they DIY guys spent time shooting an interview about the product and the company. Check us out online, see what the buzz is all about. Shoot us an email, or call us!

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  • Remarkable
  • Beauty from Nature
  • Unique, American, Elegance

Not anywhere has a stone like this been found... And from here in America!

The beauty of Oak Canyon stone is matched by the nostalgia of it being from right here in our backyard. Now you can shop with confidence, and display a piece of Americana with pride!

Oak Canyon Planking

Natural beauty wins every time.

Available in two thicknesses: 3cm and 1/2"
The planks ship standard in 8" widths, with random lenths - ranging between 18" - 45"
Custom sizes are available - at no additional charge.
All Oak Canyon planking is F.O.B. Panola, OK
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